"Executives meeting lounge"

Taking care of  your private meetings away from the office chaos 

We provide all the comfort within the facilities for and environment of for meetings that require privacy perfectly combined with very capable and professionally trained staff, because we care about you – every aspect of offered services on demand.

The meeting lounges are free  for those who have books accommodation suites with us Our suites bookings  and other facilities  are both impressive and flexible to your needs. Ambiance of natural sunlight and great meals  will make you feel like you you wish to stay longer (Welcome).

Free Refreshments & Dedicated service

Relaxation & well being in beautiful ambiances

We are providing the best and fresh  refreshments , farm selected organic ingredients in all our meals and refreshments. Make a choice we serve. 

  • Capucino and all coffee varieties 
  • Green and black Tea
  • Snacks of choice ,
  • Bites on order 
  •  Detailed menu at your disposal 
  • Dedicated and trained service 

Special offers

Comfort, serenity and natural environment are perfectly combined here, because we care about your well-being.

Get your body in state of zone with medically trained staff

beneficial for those suffering from muscle tension, restriction of movement brought about by either poor posture or misalignment of the physical body.

45 min. – $59.99
50 min. – $74.99

Face and body massage designed to relieve tension, promote circulation and relax the nervous system.

30 min. – $89
60 min. – $110

This body massage is brought about by a fusion of traditional Eastern therapies. Its method is to work the body into a series of yoga like stretches, muscle compression and more …

25 min. – $94.99
40 min. – $109.99

Meeting lounge

Designed for private executive meetings.  The launge and meeting rooms can be customised where possible on demand.